Tom Jones Impersonator- Dave LaFame



Dave La Fame is an award winning Tom Jones impersonator. Tom Jones tribute act. With full orchestra, 4 - 10 piece band or track show. Corporate, theatre, casino or pivate bookings. Dave has been a professional entertainer for 20 years. His incredible show is a must see for any Tom Jones fan. Capturing the energy & glamour of the late 1970's early 1980's era live Tom Jones Shows.

Recipient of 2012 Las Vegas Celebrity Impersonators Convention award: 1st place male entertainer. 3rd place overall.

Garry Lichach founder of Bounty Enterprises, creator of Abbamania & Staying Alive tribute acts says this:

"Not only does he look like him, the voice gave me shivers down my spine! Plus Dave is an incredible entertainer. A huge stage presence, natural charisma that draws the audience in. This is the number 1 tribute to Tom Jones."


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